5 Best Salts For Cooking…And One To Avoid – Salt Grocery Haul

5 Best Salts For Cooking…And One To Avoid – Salt Grocery Haul

I thought it was time to make a video all about salt. There are so many salt choices at the store, it is hard to know which ones to buy, how to use them, and which ones to avoid. I would stay away from using iodized table salt. That stuff is so heavily process that all of the nutritious minerals is taken away and the salt is bleached and full of fillers. Kosher salt is perfect for cooking, but I am moving away from bleached processed salt, and toward unrefined kosher salt, like the real salt from redmond. Sea salt is great to finish a dish with and sprinkle over cooked dishes. I hope this salt video answers some questions, let me me what grocery store aisle to tackle next! Mad Love, Bobby..Dessi..Art XOXO

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