Chicken burritos recipe. Mexican food. How to make healthy burritos

Chicken burritos recipe. Mexican food. How to make healthy burritos

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Ingredients for healthy burritos:
Potatoes 400g,
Flour 300g,
Sour cream 100g,
Mayonnaise 100g,
Garlic – 20g
Dill – 20g
Spices – yellow curry, salt, pepper mix, paprika, ground coriander

Chicken Breast 300g,
Cucumbers 100g,
tomatoes 100g,
pickled onions 30g

Chicken burrito recipe:
Making pitas.
Mashed potatoes mixed with flour, set aside for half an hour. Sprinkle flour on the table, knead the dough with flour until it no longer sticks to the table from rolling. Fry pita in a dry pan.
Sauce. Mix sour cream, mayonnaise, chopped garlic, dill, and spices. Set aside for half an hour and longer so that the sauce is soaked with spices.
Fry the chicken in a dry, oil-free frying pan. Add turmeric.
Cut tomatoes and cucumbers, add pickled onions.
Put the stuffing on the layers, add sauce, wrap as shown in the video. Enjoy your meal!

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