How to paint dot mandalas with Kristin Uhrig #42- Coffee mug

How to paint dot mandalas with Kristin Uhrig #42- Coffee mug

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You can paint your own coffee mugs and make them dishwasher safe by using FolkArt multi-surface acrylic paint and curing the finished product in your oven at 350 for 30 minutes. The paint is non-toxic, but the manufacturer does not recommend putting food directly on the painted surface and microwaving it, as on a plate. In the next tutorial I will be showing you how to dot with ceramic glaze on unfinished coffee mugs so they can be fired in a professional kiln at a ceramics studio.

Paints used in this tutorial are all non-toxic, Multi-Surface
acrylic by FolkArt
Bright Green, Classic Green, Lime Green, Camel, Whicker White, Black

Doting tools by Traveling Kindness Rocks:

Small dotting tools:
Essence manicure stylus (Amazon)
Polymer clay sculpting tool with fine ball point (Amazon)

Black coffee mugs from Amazon:
Culver VOG 14 ounce ceramic mug Black/Green

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