New Mexico Green Chili Breakfast Burrito On The Blackstone

New Mexico Green Chili Breakfast Burrito On The Blackstone

The New Mexico Green Chili Breakfast Burrito On The Blackstone is a great recipe with easy to follow steps. These breakfast burritos are easy to make and will fill you up for that big day ahead. The green chile or is it chili gravy. lol Either way you spell it, these New Mexico or Hatch chilies have a great flavor and are worth finding when in season. Now of course using the Blackstone made the creation of this great breakfast burrito simple and fun to make. I will leave the recipe a little lower in the description. This is not my recipe, it came from my friend in New Mexico that loves breakfast burritos made with the great Hatch Chili.

Chili Gravy Recipe
4oz Pork renderings
4oz Flour
1 Sweet Onion diced
2lbs Large diced pork
1lbs Green Chilies diced
3 Garlic cloves minced
TT Salt
TT Black pepper
TT Granulated garlic
3-4cups Chicken stock

Heat the oil in cast iron Dutch oven
Sweat the onion in the oil then add the pork and brown.
Add the green chilies and garlic cloves
Cook for an additional 2 minutes
Add the flour and stir to incorporate well
Add chicken stock
Stir until roux makes a gravy
Season to taste with salt, pepper and garlic

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