She's THE MASTER of Peruvian Food – INSANELY JUICY BEEF + 7 Amazing Dishes in Lima, Peru!

She's THE MASTER of Peruvian Food – INSANELY JUICY BEEF + 7 Amazing Dishes in Lima, Peru!

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TRADITIONAL PERUVIAN FOOD – María Zuñiga is a purveyor of traditional, time tested, and slow cooked Peruvian food. It was an honor to have a chance to go to her home-style restaurant, where she serves private Peruvian food experiences. #PeruvianFood #Lima #lomosaltado

Chef Timour was telling me, typically when you have a Peruvian family meal, you have one or two of these main dishes – we had a whopping 7 main dishes in a row – huge Peruvian family style food. The food was incredibly good and I have huge respect for María Zuñiga, her knowledge of Peru and its many ingredients, recipes, and culinary influences. We arrived for lunch, but Maria began cooking at 2 am!

1. Peruvian tamales – María Zuñiga is very well known for her tamales, and she comes from a family that specializes in Peruvian tamales. There were not just any tamales, they were made from different colorful ingredients, and colorful.

2. Arroz con pollo – Chicken with rice, this is a Peruvian food family favorite.

3. Ají de gallina – Another classic traditional Peruvian food, and a dish nearly everyone loves is Ají de gallina, a chicken stew.

4. Lomo saltado – Lomo saltado is a main dish that has direct Chinese influence, and yet it’s so mingled into Peruvian everyday culture. This stir fried beef was insanely juicy and tender.

5. Seco de Res – This is one of my favorite Peruvian food dishes, beef on the bone, stewed with cilantro until fall apart tender. It was incredible.

6. Rocoto relleno – This is a Peruvian dish originally from Arequipa, wonderful rocoto chili peppers, stuffed with meat and spices.

7. Juane – From the Amazon jungles of Peru, juane is a packet of rice and meat cooked in leaves, this time banana leaf. It was delicious especially with the cocona fruit garnish.


Tocosh – Can’t get enough of this amazing fermented potato
Arroz con leche – Rice pudding
Mazamorra morada – Purple corn pudding

It was an outstanding Peruvian food meal and a learning experience for me. These were some of the best home-cooked dishes I’ve had and a meal in Peru that I’ll never forget. Thank you to María Zuñiga!

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